Saturday, May 21, 2016

Mann-Lamb Family Mayflower Descendants

ADDENDUM--Jan 3, 2018
I'm sorry there appears to be a weak link in this lineage, so this tree cannot be verified. James Lamb's "parents" were probably too old to have him. It doesn't mean he's not a Lamb, though, as children were often adopted by their relatives. But adoptions rarely came with paperwork back then. :-( Very disappointing.

I have now connected both my father and mother to the Mayflower. I knew I eventually would. HA This branch is more on the Lamb side than the Mann side. There are only a few Manns (immediate family) this connection relates to.

Through our Lamb branch, we can connect to many famous people. Through the well-documented and prolific Edmund Rice family, we can count as cousins Lucille Ball, Laura Ingalls, and Calvin Coolidge.

The Lamb trail to the Mayflower connects to prominent cousins such as Sarah Palin, Norman Rockwell, Richard Gere, Dan Quayle, Tennessee Williams, Brian Wilson (Beach Boys), Robert Treat Paine (Signer of the Declaration of Independence), and Avril Lavigne.

Our Mayflower ancestor was Stephen Hopkins, and his history is rich. Read his bio on the History Channel website here:

Family who wish to have more details, here is the chart starting with our first common ancestor and working backwards:

10 James Lamb Mann and sister Mabel Mann Hayden

9 Martha Elvira Lamb

8 James Lamb 1809-1871

7 Joshua Lamb 1748-1830 (Revolutionary Soldier)

6 Sarah Atwood 1729-1808

5 Eldad Atwood 1695

4 Anna Snow

3 Mark Snow 1628-1695

2 Constance Hopkins 1606-1677

1 Stephen Hopkins 1581-1644

Thursday, April 30, 2015

TS Mann Lumber

Generations of Mann descendants of different branches have dabbled in the lumber industry. The descendants of Thomas Mann continue to "hold the fort down" for the Mann family in Athol. Literally and figuratively!

Athol, Massachusetts

Monday, February 16, 2015


Happy 2015, everyone! Hope you are well. I haven't posted in awhile because I've pretty much learned all I can learn--or at least have found everything to be found online. I now help others find their heritage, as well as work with my Aunt on my Dad's side with new discoveries...and they have been amazing. I thought I would have a Mayflower connection through the Mann side, but it turns out we are Mayflower descendants through my Dad's side. We are also 5th cousins to Abraham Lincoln. Cool beans!

On a funny note, the other day I saw this clip on a British sketch comedy show. SO funny! This is dedicated to all of my newfound cousins! Cheers!