Saturday, May 25, 2013

Newfound Athol Branch

In reading more thoroughly the Mann Memorial today, I discovered there was another branch of Manns in Athol, but they were distantly related. To recap, the branches that have been the focus of this blog are descendants of Ensign Mann II (& Alice Whitney.) His lineage is: Richard, Thomas, Ensign Sr., Ensign II.

This new branch descends from Rev. Cyrus Mann, 1785-1859. His lineage is: Richard, Richard, Nathaniel, John, John. Reverend Cyrus had a brother Joel*, also a Reverend. They were born in Orford, NH and attended Dartmouth.

Cyrus had 3 children--Cyrus S., Ann Maria, and Adelia Porter. They were all born in Westminister, but the girls ended up living in Athol. I don't see any record of Cyrus living there. Ann Maria (1823-?) married Rev. John F. Norton who was "the successful and beloved pastor of the Congregational church at Athol, MA." They had a son, Lewis Mills Norton, born in Athol who married the daughter of a Reverend. He studied in Germany and taught at MIT.

Second daughter Adelia Porter Mann (1826-?) married in Athol John Q.A. Johnson of Charlestown. Their son, John Norton Johnson, was born in Boston and graduated from Harvard.

*Rev. Joel Mann compiled the book "Genealogy of the Mann Family." Unfortunately, his information about Richard Man of Plymouth Colony is filled with error. But, you can probably trust the info. about his branch.