Saturday, January 25, 2014

Let the skeletons out of the closet

"The truth can hurt, but not knowing can hurt more." Alan Cumming upon discovering the mystery of his grandfather's death. Russian Roulette.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Bloodline to 6 Kings of England and King of Jerusalem

ADDENDUM--Jan 3, 2018
I'm sorry, but there appears to be an unverified weak link in this lineage. Thousands of others would love to have it verified as well, but it will most likely never happen, so this tree is null/void.

Happy New Year, everyone! As you may or may not know/recall, we descend from rebel Ensign Mann, II (1740–1829)* and Alice Whitney (1748–1806) of Petersham, MA. I've been slow about researching the Whitney line, and a cousin (Ruth) in Alaska finally got me started. (FYI: There are several Mann cousins in Alaska!) I took her research and went back even further--26 generations. We are related to six (6) Kings of England and even a King of Jerusalem! This research is solid and well documented as there are about a zillion other people who follow the lineage and have done extensive research. Contact me for complete charts on this line and the Athol/Petersham Mann family branches.

Here is the Whitney lineup in a nutshell:

Geoffrey, Count of Gâtinais
Geoffrey II, Count of Gâtinais AKA Geoffrey II, de Château-Landon
Fulk IV, Count of Anjou
Fulk, King of Jerusalem AKA Fulk the Younger 
Geoffrey V –Geoffrey Plantagenet, Count of Anjou
Henry II of England
John, King of England
Henry III of England
Edward I of England
Edward II of England
Edward III of England
Prince Edmund of Langley, 1st Duke of York, 1st Earl of Cambridge
Constance of York, Countess of Gloucester 
Eleanor (de) Holland Tuchet
Constance Touchet/Tuchet/Touchett
James Whitney
Robert Whitney
Sir Robert Whitney
Robert Whitney
Thomas Whitney
John Whitney
Richard Whitney
Moses Whitney
Lt. Moses Whitney
Rev. Aaron Whitney
Alice Whitney

*This blog references Ensign Mann Sr. and Tabitha Vinal because this Ensign had two sons that settled in Petersham, MA. Son Elijah has no known living descendants, thus leaving Ensign II and his wife Alice Whitney and their descendants as the focus.