Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Thomas Mann of Petersham, MA


(from Mann Memorial, 1884)
  • Was born on the homestead farm in 1780.
  • After he became of age we find the two brothers, Ensign, Jr., and Thomas, in joint ownership of the farm, formerly their father's, and a large tract of timber land, with mill privilege adjacent.
  • After the decease of Ensign, Jr., in 1810, by adjustment, Thomas came in possession of the last mentioned estate, settled upon these lands, took his father (whose wife had deceased in 1806) to support, and by the rapid growth of the pine forests accumulated a handsome property.
  • He was of slender frame, good height, a man of strict integrity, moderate in movement, and had a well balanced mind.
  • He died suddenly in Fitchburg in 1853 of heart disease while on a business trip.
  • Children were all born in Petersham--5 children lived and died in Petersham without ever marrying.
  1. Clark
  2. Josiah
  3. Alice Whitney
  4. Elizabeth S.
  5. Dwight
  6. Lott
  7. Thomas Marshall
  8. Esther Elvira
  9. Priscilla A.
  10. Angeline

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