Sunday, October 7, 2012

Famous Educator Horace Mann VS. Horace Mann of Athol/Petersham

I keep forgetting there is confusion in the identity of my 2nd great grandfather Horace Mann and the "great educator." First, shame on their parents for not giving them middle names! These two men came from Massachusetts, but were NOT related. My 2nd great grandfather, also an educator among other things, was young enough to be the famous one's son. In the 1960s, a school was built on the land my 2nd great grandfather donated to the church, but those poor people thought it was the famous Horace Mann--as was written in a church publication. I hate to burst bubbles. For the first time, I spoke to relatives today in California, and I believe they also were under the impression that they were related to Horace Mann, the famous educator. Sorry!

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