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Lamb Family of Athol

ADDENDUM: Updated Info/findings


  1. Samuel Lamb: Birth 10 March 1721 in Framingham, MA Death 25 March 1793. Married Sarah Atwood.
  2. Joshua Lamb: Birth abt 1748 Death 14 Nov 1830 in Phillipston, MA. Married Martha Kendall
  3. James Lamb: Birth 6 Jan 1809 in Phillipston, Worcester, MA. Death 28 Mar 1871 in Athol, Worcester, Massachusetts. Married Sarah Hubbard
Children: Charles S. Lamb (1834-1921); Abby Maria Lamb (1838-1859); Sarah Elizabeth Lamb (1840-1900); Martha Elvira Lamb (1842-1890)

Charles S Lamb
Sarah E. Lamb
Martha E.Lamb

No photo found of Abby. As far as I can tell, there are no descendants of Charles and Abby. I descend from Martha.

A few months ago I got a "genealogist's high" when I made a profound discovery. It's a long story, but I found a Mann relative in Athol a couple of years ago who had a very strong resemblence (one photo in particular) to my grandmother. What baffled me is that they seemed too distantly related to share such similar features. This got me highly interested in DNA and solidified my passion for family research. Anyway, what I accidentally discovered was that although they shared the last name of Mann, they were more closely related by another family--the Lamb family of Athol! Ba-da-Bing! There you have it--2 bloodlines.*

Now I have a great interest in James & Elizabeth (Hubbard) Lamb and their descendents. James (1809-1871) and "Eliza" are buried in Highland Cemetery. I can find very little documentation on their son Charles S. Lamb who married Abbie Fay. He was born in 1834, but I have no death info. I would VERY much like to see photos of these people**, including their daughters Abby Maria Lamb who married John Howard Lee, and Martha Elvira Lamb who married Horace Mann. This is a photo of daughter Sarah Elizabeth Lamb and her husband Joseph B. Cardany. They lived in Athol and Orange, MA.

1870 Athol Properties

*I think this must be very common in earlier centuries when there wasn't as much choice in mates as we have today, and people didn't do a lot of moving. They settled in one area and stayed--generation after generation. I think there are a lot of branch crossovers in my Mann chart--currently at 15 pages of descendents.
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Source: Athol, Past and Present, Caswell, 1899

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